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Did you know wearing shoes actually make us sick?

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For centuries we have been covering our feet, separating ourselves from the floor beneath us thus silently accumulating a series of chronic diseases and malfunctions that are making our life more and more difficult over time.

Let's think about it for a minute...our species have been around for a long time and for only a small fraction of our existence, let's say 2%, we have been wearing shoes to cover our feet. This gives us an idea that actually we are not meant to wear them at all. 

Shoes block our capacity to connect with the earth and properly heal 

This is getting more and more evident as we evolve as a society and our body gets exposed to more external stimuli that takes us away from our natural state.

Nature is based on balance, and we are not the exception. All bodies tend to adapt constantly under a concept called homeostasis, and just like water on a lake, we balance through outputs and inputs.

Let's use the present as a context 

We are exposed all day long to an invisible field denominated electromagnetic fields or EMFs that, as electricity and fire, are a fundamental part of our society. This field stimulates our body and charges them with inputs or electrons, getting us disbalanced from our natural state. But as we stated before, we are all prepared to regain our balance and eliminate those charges creating outputs (or at least we used to be). 

The way we eliminate the excess of electrons in our body or “free radicals” is by connecting with the earth, allowing electrons to flow from our body into the earth, therefore, being in direct contact with the earth is a fundamental part of our existence, understanding that we are a part of a larger system that interconnects in every aspect of our life.

I guess you see where we are going… Shoes separate us from our ability to heal and maintain the balance that we are supposed to have as a species and we want to prove it, create awareness and show you what you can do to contrarest it.

What are the consequences of wearing shoes?

We as a species are part of the most complex and diverse system in the world with millions of processes ongoing all day long in and out of our bodies. We are constantly giving and receiving energy that eventually makes us who we are, perfect machines.

Because there are so many components in our system, many things can go wrong and eventually create problems that scale and accumulate on each other creating chronic diseases and suffering, But the body, being a perfect machine, is prepared to regulate and take care of this problems by itself, we just have to give him the chance to fight and the tools to do so.

If we don't, it's just a matter of time until the external world collapses into us, dysregulating us and making us feel ill, which by the way, it's just the body telling us to !! Do something!!

These dysregulations come in the form of:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Cancer
  • Depression

We must take care of ourselves and give our body a fighting chance to keep us healthy and live a energized life.

How can we regain our connection?

In simple words, we must go primate and connect with the earth by eating unprocessed foods or walking barefoot on the beach. Just think of what naturally makes you feel good, do you remember the last time you went walking in nature? How did it make you feel? You must connect with your body and align your actions with what your body feels is good.

When you do so, you can expect to feel alive, regain your energy and clarity and enjoy your life at its fullest, the way that we are supposed to do.

Where to start?

Grounding Shoes 2021 — Grounded.com

We know that not everybody can go for a walk on the beach or park every day and that our modern lifestyle disconnects us from our ability do so, but there are some hacks that might help you out like for example the denominated Earthing & Grounding Shoes, which are integrated with a copper river that allows electrons to flow in and out of your body and into the ground, thus connecting with the earth everytime you go outside, just like if your were walking barefoot.

We of course alway recommend to do this the natural way and complement it with healthy unprocessed eating but if that is not an option, these shoes will definitely help you out, giving your body the tools to heal itself everyday and bring back the energy into your body.

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