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  • Earthing Yoga - The new wellness trend on 2022

    For decades yoga has been allowing us to connect with our body, mind and soul, creating a state of balance that keeps us aligned throughout our da...
  • Can we hack our biological clock?

    Over the past decade there have been incredible improvements in the fascinating field of chronobiology, searching for answers on the way our body ...
  • Do you know why we age ?

    In this article we will be going deep into aging, its definition and the main concepts behind it with simple, easy to digest definitions that will...
  • How does earthing benefits us?

    When brimming with electrons, our bodies, particularly the immune system, work at their best. Since our feet house the muscular webbing known as f...
  • Earthing, the wellness trend of the future

    Earthing is not just another wellness trend, that is here today and gone tomorrow. Earthing is an evolution in wellness trends; Earthing is the fu...
  • Earthing in simple words

    Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is essential since it will help you live a quality life. But with so many wellness programs, one might w...
  • Earthing is helping athletes recover faster

    The indirect or direct contact with the Earth enables “mobile” electrons to migrate into the body. Suggests that these free electrons act as antioxidants in the organism and could neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are byproducts of mitochondrial metabolism of oxygen and delivered by the oxidative burst as part of the inflammation response. 

  • Earthing....a simple and revolutionary sleep therapy

    Undoubtedly, the quality of sleep has many nuances and is a tremendously broad topic which must be looked at from different perspectives. One of the most relevant issues with sleep quality is its relationship with chronic inflammation and the accumulation of free radicals or electrostatic charge which produces a natural imbalance that results in an endless stream of problems such as sleeping disorders, muscle pain, stress, fatigue, among others.

  • What Earthing can do for my Skin?

    Many people had declared experiencing big changes in their skin aspect and elasticity through earthing or grounding, they showed that connecting to the ground for one hour produced a noticeable improvement in facial irrigation. This fact is associated with tissue repair and the best appearance of the skin improving also  brain and cardiovascular activity.