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Earthing....a simple and revolutionary sleep therapy

Improve the quality of your sleep with one simple hack

Undoubtedly one of the most relevant issues regarding our well-being in modern times focuses on our ability to sleep optimally and ward off sleeping disorders. 

Our health is based on a chain of action and reaction where sleeping habits and disorders play a fundamental role. A lack of sleep can produce mood disorders, stress, lack of concentration and a series of imbalances that affect our lives and that of those around us.

In this article we want to tell you about one of the most studied trends in recent times regarding the treatment of sleeping disorders, the so-called Earthing or Grounding

This practice has revolutionized the sleeping industry in the past years due to the increasing number of studies and testimonies of people who declare having had life changing results with just a few days of grounding.

Undoubtedly, the quality of sleep has many nuances and is a tremendously broad topic which must be looked at from different perspectives. One of the most relevant issues with sleep quality is its relationship with chronic inflammation and the accumulation of free radicals or electrostatic charge which produces a natural imbalance that results in an endless stream of problems such as sleeping disorders, muscle pain, stress, fatigue, among others.

Earthing is based on how the energy field in the Earth's crust maintains the electrical stability of our bodies, thus serving as a basis for vitality and health, allowing our bodies to stay balanced and assist our body problems optimally …. to read more about how this concept works click here.

So, how does Earthing it work?

We just have to connect to the earth, take off our shoes and let the earth absorb the electrical charges accumulated in our body through the electronic devices present in our modern life. Try to remember the last time you walked barefoot on the beach, how did you feel? How did you sleep that day? How was your mood or stress level? ..... That's what earthing is about, trying to constantly cleanse our body of these loads that bring so many bad consequences to our long-term health. Of course we understand that you cannot walk barefoot every day and that we all have different lifestyles, whether we live in concrete jungles or in a 20-story building. That is why in the last 10 years options have been developed to guarantee our connection from the comfort of our homes through the so-called Earthing products.

Earthing products 

These products are made of conductive and antibacterial materials that allow us to eliminate charges accumulated on our body into the earth through a process called "grounding". To see full product usability click here

Sleeping disorder treatments include several products that adapt to your daily sleeping routines like earthing bed sheet kits or sleeping mats which will keep you grounded at nigh when you need it the most, neutralizing the presence of free radicals and eliminating the accumulated inflammation of your body.

Some of the direct benefits include:

  • Reduce inflammation and chronic pain
  • Reduce insomnia 
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Improve mood and reduce stress
  • Improve facial skin flow
  • lessen hormonal symptoms

To get an idea, results had been proven after only 60 minutes of grounding, so as you can imagine, if you sleep 8 hours per nights the benefits can be incredible as shown in the next study.

The first double-blind investigation focused on people with sleep disorders and chronic pain. 100% of the "connected" woke up more rested. 93% reported an improvement in sleep quality. 82% noted improvement in muscle stiffness and pain. 78% say they have had greater general well-being. In the control group the improvements were null or very little. It was also proved that it reduces cortisol levels, hormones associated with stress and insomnia.

Scientific article on Chronic Pain & Sleep Disorder

What can I expect with this treatment?

Results are varied, depending on constancy and level of sleep disorder. We have received cases in which the products have developed life changing benefits in the broad aspect of quality of life, in other cases the results have been more subtle, but have always generated positive changes in some aspect, be it sleep disorder, muscle recovery , mood, stress relief, or other.

Correcting the quality of our sleep will undoubtedly bring amazing changes to your life, that is why we recommend these products so that you can experience for yourself the effects that grounding can bring to your life.

Earthing Collection