Earthing Sleeping Mats

While many people believe that the benefits of Earthing Sleeping Mats are purely perceptual, the amazing effects they have had on people speak for themselves. Designed to provide the consistency that your Earthing habits need, it guarantees to provide you with 8 hours of grounding that will unquestionably improve your sleep quality and give your energy levels a boost. Weaving its magic as soon as you lie down, it sends environmental energy to your body that allows it to absorb electrons that add balance to the negative electrical charges of the Earth in your body.

Boasting benefits that range from an increase in energy and vitality to improved facial skin flow, as well as fewer instances of muscle tension and headaches, our best-selling product can greatly improve your mood and lower your stress levels.

What Makes Our Earthing Mats Different?


While getting rid of your sneakers or flip-flops and spending a considerable amount of time with your bare feet on the ground is still the most practical way to access the planet's electromagnetic powers, investing in trusted grounding products such as bedsheets and mats allows you to connect to the Earth and reap all the amazing benefits of Earthing indoors. As our grounding mats enable you to ground with convenience at the comforts of your home, we rounded up some of the conditions that our Earthing Sleeping Mats provide some improvements on:

Chronic Pain

That perpetual pain that you feel in the various parts of your body may not actually be a sign of you advancing in age but is a reminder of how detached you've been from Mother Earth. Earthing mats re-establish your connection with the planet, resulting in lower levels and instances of unexplainable pain.

Persistent Fatigue

Waking up tired doesn't necessarily mean that you are way past your prime. It could also be an indication of the importance of Earthing as various users described of considerable decrease in fatigue levels after weeks of catching Z's on our mats.

Sleep Disorders

With its remarkable ability to lower stress levels and to prevent ceaseless worrying, most people experienced an improvement in sleep length and quality by placing our Earthing mats under their sheets. Not only does it promote better moods, but exceptional overall well-being as well.

Cardiovascular Health

Continued and prolonged use of our innovative Earthing Sleeping Mats has been proven to reduce blood pressure levels particularly for those with hypertension. By simply incorporating our double-sized mats in your sleeping habits, you obtain excellent sleep and remarkable heart health benefits.

Our Sleeping Mats