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Grooni Earthing

Pets Earthing Mat - Cats & Dogs

Pets Earthing Mat - Cats & Dogs

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Our pets can also benefit from earthing or grounding mats. Grounding can make your pet sleep better, feel more relaxed and pain-free, be more active and fit, decrease the chances of diseases, help heal a lot faster from injuries or if they've just been operated on.

Size: 23 x 35 inches (60 x 90 cm)

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1.- Plug it in

Connect the product to the ground connection of your home giving the mat its conductive and antibacterial properties which will allow the earthing to take place as soon as your pet makes contact

2.- Recognition

Make sure your pet recognizes the products as his… associate it to one of his toys or aromas

3.- Create a habit

Pets are beings of habit… they act via repetition, so make sure your pet uses the mat as much as possible. If he does so,  it's just a matter of time for him to develop the habit of earthing and benefit from the associated benefits.


Step 1: Unpackaging

Make sure you have all the necessary items before getting started. Each kit includes a ground checker, a coil cord, and the earthing product. Check to see that all items are included in your kit.

Step 2: Ground Check

Plug the ground checker into your wall outlet to ensure that your electrical system is properly grounded. This allows electrons to flow from your earthing product into the ground outside.

Step 3: Connect

Connect one end of the coil cord to your earthing product plug, and the other end to the grounded prong of your wall outlet. This will complete the circuit and allow you to start grounding.

Our Kits Include

  • 01 Earthing Product
  • 01 Ground Checker
  • 01 Coil cord (15ft)
  • 01 Adapter (AU and EU)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use them in a lightning storm?
There is no need to disconnect your Earthing product during a storm because a we stated before, all products come with a 50.000 ohm resistor, so  If the nearby ground were to be struck with lightning and somehow traveled into the earthing lead, the fine wire inside the lead would burn out. The resistor is another barrier, as only a mosquito bite of power could pass through

Can I use them if I have a pacemaker?
According to several cardiologist including doctor Steven Sinatra it is totally safe to use a pacemaker as this practice is passive, just like walking barefoot on the beach

Do they heat when used?
This products do not conduct heat, therefore, they do not accumulate it and sleeping on them don't create any difference on heat perception

Is there any risk of electrocution?
All Earthing products connect only to the ground of your electrical system, therefore there is no chance of any electrical current entering your product, also, the resistor and fine wire would stop any hypothetical current getting into the system.

What are earthing products?

Earthing and grounding products are devices designed to connect the human body to the Earth's natural electric field. These products typically include grounding mats, grounding sheets, grounding blankets, and supplies that allow for the transfer of electrons between the Earth and the body. Science now suggests that connecting to the Earth's natural electric field may help reduce inflammation, improve sleep, boost energy levels, and promote overall well-being as a way to counteract the effects of modern living, such as electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices and chronic stress.

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